HS Volleyball: The Woodlands Continues Undefeated District Season

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 10/04/2022


CONROE, TX – As the district volleyball season comes to an end, teams are fighting for places for the playoffs and this was no different. In their previous matchup The Woodlands and Conroe battled at The Woodlands High School; this time the match was on Conroe’s home court.

The stands were packed with Conroe’s fans in their “White Out” themed clothing, as well as fans from The Woodlands area. It was not quiet at any point of the match making the environment electric as each team put points on the board.

From the first set the Tigers came out attacking the net creating huge rallies, which The Highlanders did not expect. Coach Wade expressed after the game “They [Conroe] had some blocks we didn’t expect, they dug the ball, we didn’t expect.”

The Woodlands was able to stay calm in the high intensity set but Emma Malak brought her ‘A game’ defensively by digging many of The Woodlands’ spikes.

On the other end of the court Molley Tuozzo also did not let a ball pass her as she dove all over the place to save the point for The Woodlands. This created some huge rallies which made the students and fans get even more rowdy. It was a close two sets but The Woodlands came out on top in both, 25-19.

Conroe wasn’t done, they rallied up in the third set leading The Woodlands early on. They would go point for point and at moments Conroe would be up as much as three points. The Woodlands would try to close the gap but would fall making this Conroe’s first set win over The Woodlands this season.

As the momentum built over the last set, Conroe came into the fourth set firing on all cylinders. They would once again lead The Woodland early on but eventually their momentum would slow down. The Woodlands would tie up the game at 10 a piece and once again go point for point with Conroe.

As the final serves came up, The Woodlands would just edge out Conroe in the fourth 25-22.

Conroe will face Oak Ridge Friday while The Woodlands will have another tough match with Grand Oaks.

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