HS Football: The Woodlands Showcases Their Dominance for 3rd Straight Week

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 10/06/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Woodforest Bank Stadium was host to The Woodlands vs Cleveland Thursday night. The Highlanders look to continue their win streak while the Indians look to chalk up another win.

For the third week in a row, The Woodlands came out aggressive and ran the show. They would stop Cleveland on their first drive and from a punt return, Quanell Farrakhan would run it in from 32-yards out.

Within the first quarter, Walker, Mattauer, and Farrakhan would all find the endzone on various drives from The Woodlands. Cleveland would struggle to make it past the 50-yardline which resulted in a 35-0 score in the first quarter.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, The Woodlands has depth in their team. As they pulled out their starters, The Woodlands would continue to score throughout the game. Cleveland would struggle to stop the district power house as well as struggle to convert on offense.

The Woodlands would chalk up another 35-points before the game was over. With the final touchdown being just a couple minutes in the fourth. The Woodlands would walk away with a 70-0 victory.

The Woodlands once again showed their dominance for the third week in a row. Cleveland will face Oak Ridge next week while The Woodlands will face their rivals, College Park in the War of the Woods.

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