WOODLANDS WEATHER THIS WEEK – May 8 - 12, 2023 – Splish splash

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 05/08/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Welcome to the week. Usually, the Woodlands Online Weather Team takes you through some daily weather shifts each Monday; however, this week is consistently wet, warm, and grey.

Bad news if you were planning on sunbathing this week

Though it’s hard to see the sun today, the blanket of clouds mixed with the high humidity is making our upcoming Monday high of 83 feel like 88. Some of the mugginess will be alleviated with some southerly winds gusting around 10 miles per hour. Later this afternoon we’ll get a strong spate of thunderstorms that will dump more than two inches of rain on the area, but should settle down to more manageable precipitation in the mid-evening. Lower chances of rain along with the 100 percent humidity will keep our low in the 70s.

Tuesday will see greyer skies but slightly cooler weather thanks to a dropping pressure front. The high will get up to 73, with the humidity that will make it feel like 83. In the mid afternoon, our rain chances will go up – along with some more winds – but both should settle down in good time as our low settles in the upper 60s. We should get around half as much rain as the day before, but still keep an eye out on standing water and possible street flooding.

On Wednesday in the predawn hours, we’ll get another spike in rain, but after that the all-day thunderstorms will remain scattered. Once again, we’ll have a high in the 70s but the heat index will make it feel like the 80s. Again, there will be an uptick in winds for a bit, but it won’t do much in cooling things down, and our low will barely be under 70.

Thursday we’ll finally get some slight relief; the day will start off with the same levels of clouds and rains, but in the afternoon we’ll get a major downturn in both, helped along by a near-zero pressure system. Scattered thunderstorms will still hang around (which is the theme for the entire week, day in and day out), but it’ll get a little warmer, with both the high and the ‘feels-like high’ being in the 80s and a low in the 70s.

Even as Friday dawns, the rains will stick around, although at smaller levels as the days that preceded it. Rising pressure and winds will keep everything wet but moderate as the temps crawl into the mid 80s, feeling like over 90. As the pressure starts to slowly rise, it will beckon new clouds and rains to tag along, and this weekend isn’t looking any drier…

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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