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Fire Crews battle fire and smoke to reach 18 year old victim trapped after she retreated to her closet to avoid growing fire. Just after Midnight, a Willis family awoke to their worst nightmare.
Jimmy Williams
Just before 5:30 am Thursday morning, neighbors in the 1300 block of Ashland Drive called 911 and reported that the home next door was on fire.
Montgomery County Fire Marshall
Fire Crews entered burning home in Pinewood Village and found the victim lying on the floor near the front doorway. Firefighters were dispatched to a reported mobile home fire in the 13800 block of Sandy Springs Rd just after 8 am Tuesday morning.
Jimmy Williams
Fire Contained with Minimal Damage by Activation of a Single Sprinkler Head The South Montgomery County Fire Department responded at 8:46 on February 21 to an automatic fire alarm at The Big Barn Music Venue.
Jimmy Williams
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