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Have Hope is an artisan group based in Kenya whose story we have shared many times over. These women depend on you. These women depend on world-changing Fair Trade purchases as a means to provide for their family. These earrings are so much more than a beautiful accessory to pair with your Fall closet. These earrings provide food, housing, and education. This hand cut fringe means women in a slum in Kenya can be paid in full for dignified work. The creation of these earrings for our Color of Hope | Fall 2019 Line, brought joy, smiles, and grateful laughter from a strong group of women whose lives have been forever changed. These women are fearless, these women know their stories have value, because you provide them with dignified jobs.

The brass teardrop is sourced locally out of the largest slum in Kenya and is made out of melted and molded recycled brass parts. These brass shapes are then transported to the workshop of Have Hope where women sit and tie thread in shades of olive green to create these unique Fair Trade fringe statement earrings.


1" x 3" Teardrop

Made in Kenya

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