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Oppression. Injustice. Violence. Brutality.

These words are not new to us, and for the past 10 years, we have worked tirelessly to raise up the voices of the silenced and stand up against prejudice and inequality. Our global perspective has given us a lens to see the world, and the way sin has wreaked havoc onto every continent, every country, in every city, community, and home.

We know injustice well. We have seen government leaders, civil leaders, and political figures abuse their power. We have seen women and daughters sold for food. We have seen entire families forced into bondage and servitude. Around the world, over and over, we have seen the mistreatment and exploitation of people who are created in the Imago Dei, the image of God.

This week, we have all collectively witnessed this same type of injustice, and this time, it is not across the globe. It is in our own backyard. We cannot and should not turn a blind eye, we have done that for too long.

This tension we are all feeling...doesn't need to be silenced, stuffed down, or ignored. It needs to be given a voice, legs to stand on, roots to grow.

There is an entire community that is wounded, and crying out for us to listen. Finally listen.

We see you.

We hear you.

We are lamenting and listening.

This is not about debate or defense. This is about humbly choosing to step back, step down, and be quiet listeners to those who need to be heard. This is about checking our hearts. Changing the dialogue in our homes. So that we can step out into the world and be part of the movement toward real change.


This super-soft, eco-friendly tee will become your new favorite. Our best-selling triblend tee is a relaxed fit designed for comfort but with features that keep it stylish, including the heathered colors and top stitch at the collar. The fabric includes 5 recycled water bottles and is a slightly heavier weight than many triblends on the market, keeping this shirt looking great wash after wash.


All of the proceeds from the sales of this Fair Trade t-shirt will be donated to Be the Bridge, a foundation whose goal is to “turn up the voices of the marginalized and require that those in the dominant culture listen, educate themselves on history, grow their empathy muscles and develop language to understand marginalization and oppression.”

Unisex Tri-blend T-shirt in Charcoal

Made in Haiti

Screen-printed in the USA

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