The Taste Buds

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February 16, 2020
Chef Wayne celebrates his 29th-ish birthday at Craft Grill's newest spot 'Craft Grill Breakfast Club' with Anthony and the owners of Craft Grill, Chris & Connie O'Donnell.
Taste Buds - 029 - Craft Grill
February 03, 2020
Check out a place that not only makes their own ice cream but also pasteurizes their local sourced milk, uses natural ingredients, daily makes their cup cakes, macrons and more at Luliet Creamery + Bake Shop.
Taste Buds - 028 - Luliet Creamery + Bake Shop
January 26, 2020
Chef Wayne and Anthony Sit down with Chef Austin Simmons and General Manager Austen Goodwin from The Kitchen. The Kitchen has a fast casual attitude with a gourmet feel.
Taste Buds - 027 - The Kitchen
January 06, 2020
Anthony and Wayne check out the new kids in town at the first franchise of El Tiempo Cocina, nestled right here in The Woodlands.
Taste Buds -026 - El Tiempo Cocina
December 16, 2019
In a cafe of Love, who gives back to the community Chef Wayne and Anthony sit down with Beth Ferester, owner of Lovebeans, to talk about the place and of course try the food.
November 27, 2019
Backyard cuisine done right here in The Woodlands at Jaspers with Anthony and Chef Wayne meeting up with GM and Chef Ruben Campos
Taste Buds - 024 - Jaspers
November 18, 2019
Anthony heads out to Town Green Park to meet up with Sonya Bersani, President of the Neighbor Bridge and the first annual Woodlands Backyard Throwdown. While there he meets up with Chef Austin Simmons of TRIS and Will Buckman of Corkscrew BBQ.
Taste Buds - 023 - Woodlands Backyard Throwdown
November 13, 2019
Anthony and Chef Wayne are back in the kitchen, the kitchen at Toffee Cellar with Robin Marshal
Taste Buds - 022 - Toffee Cellar
October 13, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony check out Victory Pies. A place stared by owner Sheila to sell her brothers favorite pie, the chicken pot pie. Hear their story and more on this episode.
Taste Buds - 021 - Victory Pies
October 21, 2019
Wayne and Anthony get to know Marina, one of the owners of The Butler House.
Taste Buds - 020 - The Butler House
September 28, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony hang out with Thelma at the Farm to Table Wheel Kitchen, right near Creekside.
Taste Buds - 019 - The Wheel Kitchen
September 07, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony become the first to be served and eat at the new Peli Peli right outside the Woodlands Mall.
Taste Buds - 018 - Peli Peli
August 31, 2019
Anthony and Wayne meet up with Tessa at Uni Sushi on Market Street to check out the food, learn about the place and show off their chop stick skills.
Taste Buds - 017 - Uni Sushi
August 24, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony hang out with Roberto Rubio to check out La Cocina De Roberto.
Taste Buds - 016 - La Cocina De Roberto
August 17, 2019
The Buds, Wayne and Anthony head over to Thistle Draftshop to see what makes this 'bar' much more than just a bar.
Taste Buds - 015 - Thistle Draftshop
July 27, 2019
Anthony (@SubtleFoodie) takes us through a new adventure down to Houston at the first ever TexMex BBQ Block Party. This event featured 14 various BBQ joints around town serving TexMex style BBQ.
Taste Buds - 014 - TexMex Block Party 2019
October 07, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony take trip to 'New Orleans', cooking.. at 'the only true sit down cajun New Orleans place in The Woodlands', Schilleci's New Orleans Kitchen
Taste Buds - 013 - Schilleci's New Orleans Kitchen
July 12, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony try out the new Italian restaurant in town, Zanti Cucina. They sit down with Santiago Pelaez food and Beverage Director and Executive Chef Stefano Ferrero.
Taste Buds - 012 - Zanti Cucina
July 06, 2019
Anthony and Chef Wayne head way out and check out a truly awesome Tex-Mex place and meet the owners Judy & Javier at Rita's Cantina and Mexican Kitchen.
Taste Buds - 011 - Rita's Cantina and Mexican Kitchen
June 28, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony are joined by JC Reid as they check out Saigon Smoke TX.
Taste Buds - 010 - Saigon Smoke TX