The Legal Fix | Episode 62 | God Save the Queen


The Legal Fix: Episode 62 - God Save the Queen

The Big Deal is back from High Tea at the Balmoral and dinner aboard HMYBritannia in time to discuss Her Majesty's passing and impact on the world. Follow us deep into the British Monarchy with a surprise guest who dishes a native perspective on the tabloid exploits and headlines Queen Of England, Prince Charles, Lady Di, and the Royal Fam.
AND - a tour of Team Tough's Home Stadium, Tough Law Firm at 819 Crossbridge. 

The Legal Fix is a new age radio show by The Tough Law Firm, Fridays at Noon. The toughest Law Firm in town, with the toughest lawyers around, answering your toughest legal questions. Featuring Big Deal Bruce Tough, Boy Wonder Brandon Riley, Golden Boy Jeremy Hall.

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